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SOPA Newcomer Network Ambassador Application

We are recruiting the most passionate people to help us initiate and lead conversations in our LinkedIn group. Your mission is to initiate conversations within that group, actively respond to comments or questions, and provide information to immigrants who are still outside of Canada on how SOPA program and courses can help them get prepared. SOPA Newcomer Network Ambassador is someone who went through our SOPA program, used our counseling services and completed our courses. You have arrived in Canada and you understand that preparing before coming to Canada is a crucial step in successful settlement and working in Canada. If you are passionate about helping immigrants like yourself to #ArrivePrepared then help us by becoming SOPA Newcomer Network Ambassador. What’s in there for you? You will be able to add your experience to your resume as your Canadian volunteer experience.

Please fill out the form below to apply for our ambassador program and submit your application.
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7. What SOPA services or courses did you participate in?
12. Are you active on social media channels? If yes, which ones?
13. Do you have an experiance in leading conversations on LinkedIn or other social media channels and actively engaging with your followers in those conversations?